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Journey to the Stage with Bryan Frazier


Every artist has a story.

Every story has a beginning. 


Journey to the Stage explores the winding pathways taken by musicians, artists and songwriters, to gain insight into the music that has shaped who they are and the music they make. We highlight current projects by artists across genres, but always start our journey at the beginning.

Journey to the Stage is a cross-genre podcast focused on storytelling and a place to give artists a venue to share their highs and lows, ups and downs. Artists share common goals- to have their music heard, to express themselves in a meaningful way, to take the stage and share what they have made with the world. Each of them has their own road, their own path, their own journey. Whether they are a multi-Grammy winner, or an indie artist laying it all on the line, we want to capture their stories. That is why Journey to the Stage exists.