According to ListenNotes, Journey to the Stage ranks in the top 10% of podcasts globally!!


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Mike Roe / the 77s / Lost Dogs

I wrote a review about Mike Roe’s interview with Bryan. Just shared with a friend and my brothers back East. When I looked for my review, it wasn’t there. I think I failed all those stupid check the image boxes. Not the first time. That being said, I reiterate that this is the next interview probing an artists journey. Great interviewer is Bryan! So real. He really did his homework. Came off as so genuine with his sincere interest in his guests. Not just rattling off his own views/perspective. Also, I go way back with Mike Roe at the beginnings in Sacramento. “Scratch Band” then the 77’s. The best band a lot of people never heard. Looking forward to checking in on Bryan’s project with his podcast. Great work Bee Frazier😉


Awesome music podcast. Some podcasts, even music podcasts are WAY too long. This is the perfect length. I haven't heard all the episodes yet, but every one that I've listened to, even the ones where I wasn't familiar with the artist, I have really enjoyed.

Very enjoyable

I like this podcast a lot and enjoy getting to “know” the artists a little. A lot of the artists have given some sage advice and I’m glad Bryan asks them to do that. The host has a way to make his guests be comforted which makes for good conversation. Probably what I enjoy most is how they will play a song or two and learn the backstory to them. Looking forward to many more episodes. ✌🏼 ❤️


Lots of 🌟🌟 for Bryan and his podcast. I don’t know what he was doing before he started Journey but he musta been doing some kind of interviews or something. He’s got a knack for conversation and balancing learning about an artist without overdoing it. I’ve found a few new artists that I’ve become a fan of by listening about their background and hearing their music while they were on the podcast. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Great new podcast

This is one of my favorite new podcasts. Good interviews. Host seems real.

Thumbs up

I'm a big fan of Wesley Stace/John Wesley Harding and have heard several interviews with him over the years. I just finished listening to the episode with Wesley on it and I think it's my favorite interview with him. The questions asked really brought out the special artist that Wesley is. I am not familiar with all the the featured artists, but based on the interview with Wesley, I'd like to explore the others.

Let’s the music speak

One of my favorite music podcasts: I can’t express how many times I’ve listened to a podcast or watched a documentary that was more about the interviewer than about the artist/music. Bryan not only lets the artist speak, but often includes the music. Great for those interested in their favorite artists as well as exposure to some unsung geniuses. Always a great listen.

Great Interviewer

I've seen many interviewers who interject too much of themselves in the interview and make it more about them. Bryan asks good questions and gives his guests room to answer. That's kinda refreshing.

For Music Lovers

This is a really good podcast for people who love music. Good pace and I've learned a lot about songwriting, which has been helpful to me as a young writer. It's actually been really encouraging.

One of my favorites

I really enjoy Journey to the Stage. I've listened to every episode and it's become one of my favorite podcasts. Great interviews and I've discovered lost of new music.

Off to a GREAT start

I came across Journey to the Stage as I was searching in the Apple Podcast app and the name and logo caught my attention. I listened to the first episode and new I had found a really great podcast. Bryan is a very natural interviewer who allows depth in the artist's answers, while keeping things moving at a nice pace. He's a better interviewer than many "professionals" I've heard. The artists Bryan has had on are interesting people and I've discovered new music that I love now by listening to his podcast.

For all who love music

Bryan Frazier gives music lovers a gift by zooming in on the lives, inspirations and and passions of todays artists. In listening to the conversations, one comes away with a better understanding that music and songwriting is more a process of discovery than of invention; that the songwriter bares his soul to the criticisms and subjective tastes of his listener with no guarantee that he will be accepted. What a gift, indeed!


What a wonderful contribution to the music world. Love the spotlights, conversations & genuine love for music portrayed within each podcast. Brilliantly put together. Thank you !

I love music and the people that make it!

I’ve known Bee a long time and he’s a great interviewer! I was rather impressed with episode 1 and can not wait to take a bite out of 2 & 3! He brings to light what drives the musician to be a musician and what inspires them. JOURNEY TO THE STAGE is a great journey indeed! Enjoy. I did. Keep them coming Bee!