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March 30, 2022

Be my guest?

Booking guests for a fairly new podcast is something that takes a great deal of persistence, hutzpah, and thick skin. I am not afraid to ask ANYONE on to my podcast. In fact, most people would laugh if they were to read the list of crossed out names from whom I never received a reply. 

If I get rejected 30 times for every yes I receive, I see that as I need 30 no's to get the yes I am looking for. It's all perspective I suppose. 

When I started Journey to the Stage, the purpose was to connect to artists, who made music that I love, hear their story and talk about their art. That purpose has not changed.

I will never have someone on as a guest, simply to have a guest. I have to love their music. For me, it's really that simple. 

I am fortunate enough to have made friends with two great people who represent artists at PR firms, and they will send me music to listen to. When I find artists they represent that make music that resonates with me, we set a date and chat!

Why is it important that I love the music of my guests? Because I will always be honest on my podcast. If we play a song by a guest and I say it's a great song, it's because I genuinely think it is. 

What makes this a little easier for me is that I truly love such a wide spectrum of musical styles and genres, that I have sprawling list of artists to reach out to. 


More to come. Thank you for tuning in.