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Ep. 39: Dan Murphy of The Scarlet Goodbye, Soul Asylum, Golden Smog

As a founding member of multi-platinum selling Soul Asylum, and super group, The Golden Smog, which features members of Wilco, The Jayhawks, Big Star and Run Westy, Run, Grammy Award-winning Dan Murphy has spent decades creating a catalog of great music. Despite his success, in 2012 Dan put his guitar in its case and walked away from music, citing burnout and a lack of joy in playing. After roughly ten years away, a chance meeting of singer/songwriter Jeff Arundel would reignite Dan's dormant love of writing, playing and recording music- and out came his trusty gold top Les Paul.

The resulting album from this musical odd couple is nothing short of incredible. Dan and I spend some time talking about the rise, plateau and challenges of Soul Asylum. From having multi-platinum selling albums and winning a Grammy, to not being on speaking terms, Dan walks us through it all with a lighthearted honesty. We talk Golden Smog and the possibility of a new album from that band that has been quiet since 2007.

Dan shares how he's found joy again in writing and recording music, and we play a couple of cuts from The Scarlet Goodbye's debut album, "Hope's Eternal." The album is OUT NOW and I give it 5 out of 5 stars. It's a gem of an album.

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"Angel Dust" Written by Dan Murphy, Jeff Arundel and Pedro Mariani. Used by permission.

"Panic and Blame" Written by Jeff Arundel and Dan Murphy. Used by permission.

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