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Ep. 41: Glen Phillips (part 2)- Toad the Wet Sprocket, solo artist

This is part two of a very in depth and open conversation I had with Glen Phillips. In this portion of our chat, Glen shares what led to the demise of Toad the Wet Sprocket and how those relational patterns have changed in a way that allows the band to stay together after reforming. Glen shares about how the band sought to differentiate themselves from their contemporaries in the music world and how that trait has helped them maintain an audience. We dive into deep topics like grief, the enduring pursuit of emotional high points, how they can be addictive and how being on stage can feed into that.

Our chat moves into songwriting, where Glen gives the fullest answer I have heard him give to date regarding what he requires to be creative and how that has gotten harder over time. In a moment of true transparency, Glen gives insight into the one thing that has robbed him of countless songs. We play a song from Glen's latest solo album ("There is So Much Here"), a song titled "The Sound of Drinking," a song I rank as one of Glen's greatest compositions.

IF YOU ARE A FAN OF TOAD AND GLEN'S SOLO WORK, please be mindful of the horrendous economy that streaming has created for artists and bands. If you want to make sure Glen and Toad can continue to make music, please consider directly supporting them by buying albums, supporting livestreams when they occur, going to shows and buying some merch.

A very heartfelt and special thank you to Glen for being so generous with his time on a beautiful Friday morning, and for being such an authentic and thoughtful guest. Glen, thank you for sharing your gift with the world.


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