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Ep. 43: Stephen McCarthy: Multi-Instrumentalist, Songwriter, Vocalist.

Stephen McCarthy has been at the leading edge of genre creation, a claim few can make. With the founding of The Long Ryders in the early 80s, the band was helping lay the foundation for what would eventually be called "Americana." Stephen walks us through the rise, fall, and return of The Long Ryders. We dig into the band's BRAND NEW album, 'September November," and play the song, "Seasons Change," a McCarthy composition.

Stephen and I spend some time chatting about how he joined Americana greats, The Jayhawks, for their classic album, "Rainy Day Music," and the subsequent tour. Part of our Jayhawks related conversation reveals how Jayhawks founder, Mark Olson, was almost a member of The Long Ryders.

With recent release of "When Night Comes Falling," an album Stephen made with famed producer and songwriter, Carla Olson, we play the title track and get the backstory on that decades long friendship and the wonderful album that friendship produced.

If you are a fan of Stephen and his work, you will enjoy this in-depth conversation that starts with his artist origin story.

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Copyright Notification:

"Night Comes Falling" written by Carla Olson and Stephen McCarthy. Used by permission.

"Seasons Change" written by Stephen McCarthy. Used by permission.

Podcast theme song "Arise and Shine" written by Chris Taylor. Used by permission.

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