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Episode 14: Bill Mallonee- Americana-Rock singer, songwriter, legend.

Bill Mallonee is an Americana Rock music legend. As a founding member of the Vigilantes of Love in the early 90s, and a solo artist since the end of that great band, Bill has written songs that are earthy, beautiful and evocative. As a gifted storyteller and troubadour, Bill remains vital to the patchwork or writers who remind us that there is joy in the winding journey, both nationally and personally. With well over 80 albums to his credit, Bill has had a a great deal of lived experience, much of which is shared in our conversation. This episode is filled with wisdom for any who aspire to be a singer and songwriter, and will be enjoyed by anyone who loves good music.

NOTE: All songs used by express condition by Bill Mallonee Music publishing.

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